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We now offer Fairtrade Gold!

It feels like a very big scissors and cutting the bow moment… Drum roll please…

We are extremelly proud to announce that we now offer FAIRTRADE GOLD when creating your fabulous bespoke jewellery! So when designing your next bespoke item you can choose to directly support the workers who source the gold.

Who are they?

Fairtrade International was established in 1992, with Fairtrade Gold being introduced later on in 2011. They are a global organisation who’s goal is to provide workers and communities with a fairer share for their product. Their role is to make sure standards are being upheld at both ends of the chain and continue to further the Fairtrade message.

For more information why not visit and see what else you can be buy Fairtrade.

What they do?

Fairtrade sets standards for farmers and workers, they include protection of workers’ rights and the environment. For companies they include the payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

Standards are independently checked to make sure they are being implemented for the workers, communities and companies that are part of the products supply chain. In order to reassure consumers that this has happened, we license the use of the Fairtrade Gold Mark on products and packaging to signal this.

All this ensures fairer treatment in trade deals towards workers in developing countries who supply us with so much of our goods by mobilising our grassroots support from the British public.

Why it is important?

By offering Fairtrade Gold it means the workers at the source receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium for the product they supply. This means the workers and the communities they are sourced from can prosper and have better conditions to live and work in.

What this means?

We are now able to offer Fairtrade Gold and help further the vision of Fairtrade International. Committed to upholding the standards and practises that have been set, making sure that the workers and communities will benefit from their product.

How do I know it's Fairtrade?

All jewellery that is Fairtrade needs to bear the Fairtrade Gold Mark, only companies who have been licensed to can do this. Any jewellery that we make using Fairtrade Gold will have the mark on it as proof that your item is truly Fairtrade.

Interest in Fairtrade is ever increasing and we have already had people asking about it. Below are two bespoke items we've already handmade using Fairtrade Gold, if you have any questions get in touch or take a look at

So time to make an orderly queue everyone! Come and get your bespoke Fairtrade Gold rings designed and made now!

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