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Our Services

Below are some of the services we offer.  If there is anything else you require that isn't listed feel free to ask.

Bespoke Services

Here at Dytham Jewellery Designers we offer a truly bespoke service. With a experienced designer and the ability to book appointments, you can sit down and discuss your needs with time dedicated to you.



Can't find that piece of jewellery you desire or have a need for that personal touch you wish for? You can have that important creation made just for you by us.
Bespoke doesn't just mean creating "something brand new", we can re-design old pieces to suit your needs.. Styles can change and so can your jewellery, so why not give your jewellery a new lease of life.
Sketches, 3d printed models and wax carvings are all part of the service. This allows you to visually see what you are designing and can alter your piece before going ahead with any work.



Our Repair Services

Our on site workshop can take care of you damaged jewellery, we offer free estimates. This means you can get a price before any work is performed.
Our repair service covers a wide range of aspects. We can alter the sizes of rings, supply that missing stone or secure those loose ones. Necklace lengths can be changed or more secure catches supplied.
We also offer such services as re-stringing of pearl and beaded jewellery, enamelling, re-plating items with rhodium or the harder wearing palladium plating. Silver jewellery can also be oxidised to highlight details or create a vintage look.
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