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Selecting The Ultimate Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring for your partner doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience, we can help guide you through the choices to create your engagement ring. At Dytham Jewellery Designers we specialise in creating bespoke rings, giving the personal touch for your big moment. Whether your partner has dropped hints or not, it may be a good idea to seek advice from relatives or friends. Nevertheless theres no need to worry, we can break down the aesthetics and create the perfect engagement ring.

Choosing the style

The classic style for an engagement ring would be a solitaire, a single stone setting.  Perhaps a trilogy or a cluster would be the right style if you are considering more than one stone.  There is also the option to modernise your classic ring by creating a design which is more contemporary.  Moreover, a period design could be the way to go for you, for example a victorian, art deco or a vintage style. 

Picking the perfect gemstone

When deciding on the right stone it is important to choose the perfect one as it is considered to be a focus point of the engagement ring.  A safe choice when choosing a stone would be a diamond being the most hardwearing of the stones, it also reflects the most light, other popular choices include rubies and sapphires, birthstones or your partner’s favourite colour.  There are many beautiful and colourful options to choose from if your partner wants an alternative gemstone.  When it comes to the shape of the stone, brilliant cuts (round), princess cuts (square) and marquise cuts are the most desired however there are many more fancy cuts to select.


Selecting the metal

At Dytham Jewellery Designers we work with all metals and carats so your not limited with your choices including Fairtrade Gold. White metals are the most popular right now, they include white gold, palladium and platinum. However if you prefer an unorthodox look or something more vintage rose gold could be for you. Yellow gold is a popular yet traditional choice to make. 

Bespoke Diamond Cluster

Setting your budget

There are no rules for setting a price on your engagement ring. A great advantage of designing your own engagement ring with us would be that you are the one setting the budget. 

Sapphire and Diamond Twist Engagement Ring

Ready To Wear

Choose a designed and handmade engagement ring by us thats part of our unique collection.

Design Your Own

Unusual Trilogy Engagement Ring

We can help create you a one-off bespoke ring to your unique specifications and budget.

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