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Sophie's Work Experience - Nature Themed Pendant

The second project I did was to design some 2D silver jewellery inspired by nature. I began this project by formulating a moodboard with existing jewellery and images to help me design the pieces. Similarly, to in my first project, I then used this moodboard to develop some rough sketches for pendants.

Once I had the sketches, I developed my favourite ideas to get a better idea of what they would look like. My favourite design was the floral one and I then designed other pieces inspired by it to make a collection.

I used Adobe Illustrator to make a line drawing of my design that could be cut out and engraved.

Once the pendant had been cut and engraved, it was finished in the workshop and I helped shape the flowers before they were attached to the vines. I picked a chain to go with it and it was polished to create the finished piece.

I'm really happy with the final design and have really enjoyed my work experience week at Dytham Jewellery Designers!


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