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Sophie's Work Experience - Sea Themed Engagement Ring

My first task at Dytham Jewellery was to design wedding rings to compliment existing engagement rings. I drew out the engagement rings and then added my ideas beside each one.

On Tuesday I started my first project which was to design a sea inspired engagement ring. Firstly, I created a moodboard inspired by the coast to help generate some ideas for the ring, this included research into jewellery and gathering images linked to the coast. Then I used this moodboard to formulate two pages of rough design ideas that I could develop further.

I then chose my favourite design idea to develop further and use to create new ideas. The best design from this stage was the one that I picked for my final design.

To finalise my design, I drew the ring to scale from different views so that it could be replicated digitally. After this I watched Jemma create my design on CAD software so that I could see what the ring would look like if it was made. For the mateirals I chose both yellow and white gold to contrast, then added small diamonds along the white gold. To fit the coastal theme I chose an aqua coloured stone for the centre. The digital design was also used to make a to-scale 3D print of the ring.


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