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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

In all honestly its up to you, the ring is all about the recipient not the value in these times. Don't worry about if it should be 1 months salary or even 3, we have heard it all. The ring is about what you would like to represent in that special moment and also what your partner will be comfortable wearing.

Having the ring handmade and unique can be the key factor with those personal touches added to create something truly worth wearing forever. You being part of the design process creates that extra sentimental value that makes the moment even more special.

Why not book a design appointment to see how we can make your proposal extra special with a unique handmade engagement ring? Appointments are completely free and not obligation, they can be booked with ease here.

From the design process to hand making and then finishing the ring, everything is done in house from our workshop in Monkseaton, Whitley Bay. With the beach just around the corner and Newcastle a short drive away, why not make a day of it.

We have a range of ready to wear engagement rings which are unique and won't be made again with a variety in price.



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