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Honeymoon Expert Extraordinaire

Why not take the hassle out of booking your honeymoon by having your own personal Travel Counsellor to arrange your dream special trip?

Lizzie Adamson-Brown is a Honeymoon specialist, and can offer advice and tips on the best honeymoon hotspots, with a host of exclusive destinations and services for couples looking for a truly unforgettable experience.

“Your Honeymoon should give you memories to treasure for a lifetime, which is why it has to be perfect for you,” “I’m not happy, until my couple are 100% satisfied” says Lizzie.

“All my Honeymooners are VIP’s, Lizzie adds “and I make sure my suppliers know it”.

“During consultation, I’m very nosey and like to find out as much as I can about a couple, to help build that perfect itinerary to suit them both.”

Lizzie has 18yrs experience in the travel industry, she has booked over 1,000 honeymoons!

Working from home, Lizzie prides herself on the personal service and attention to detail she offers.

Using state of the art technology to provide expert independent travel advice, to tailor-make that ideal honeymoon.

If couples are living together, they probably won’t need more ‘things’, so she offers a unique Honeymoon Gift Registry Service. This allows guests to contribute towards the cost their Honeymoon on the couple’s own website, which is supplied by Lizzie, with a link for payments into the registry.

“This often means couples can afford their dream Honeymoon, all with the help of friends and family, starting their married life in style!”

Lizzie working from her home office, often outside normal office hours, means that clients can have that 1-1 concierge service, which really suits them and she doesn’t charge for her services either!

Award-winning Travel Counsellors is completely independent, meaning that Lizzie is free to book her client’s ideal Honeymoon choice.

Lizzie also believes that all types of Honeymoon should be available to all, including those clients who may have ‘visible’ or ‘non-visible disabilities. She recently organised a Honeymoon for a couple after the groom had lost both legs in a tragic accident. Lizzie has also assisted people with Autism, to also enjoy their perfect Honeymoon too.

To discuss your perfect honeymoon, please contact Lizzie

Phone: 0191 432 6570 or Email


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