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How do you keep your Engagement Ring Sparkling

We get asked this question all the time and we are going to let you know our top tip to keeping your engagement ring sparkling at home.

  • Firstly Avoid using cleaning chemicals, abrasive liquids or alcoholic beverages.

  • Take a jug of warm water and add a drop of washing up liquid.

  • Soak your diamond engagement ring in the jug and use a soft baby toothbrush to gentley rub around the stones - helping to realease any build up of dirt.

  • Once the water is cool rinse off any of the soapy water left thurally and dry the ring using a lint free cloth. Extra tip - always make sure you put the plug into the sink while you do this step.

If you are not confident at doing this just pop to your local jewellers and they can bring your ring back to life.

If your engagement ring holds a pearl, opal or softer stone you should take more care and avoid contact with anything abrasive or chemical. We advise you to seek a professional jewellers help and advise before attempting cleaning at home.

We would also advise taking your engagement ring to a jeweller at least every two years for a health check. We can check for any loose stones, preventing them from dropping out before it happens.

Remember all metals and gemstones are precious and can get damaged with wear so do take your rings off for washing up, gardening and any other hands on activity to preserve the ring as much as possible.

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