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Christmas Commissions

Are you thinking about getting a lovely piece of jewellery for Christmas this year for either yourself or someone special? Bespoke is the way forward, it doesn't have to be expensive but it can certainly be personal and unique.

Why not have a chat to either one of our in-house designers; Jemma or Emma and see how they can design you a unique item that can be cherished for ever. Appointments can be booked easily through our online booking system here

Worried you haven't got enough time left? It's not too late to get something commissioned, infact we are taking Christmas orders until the 24th November.

If you want to have something made for someone else and you're really not sure what they would like. We can create a bespoke voucher for them to receive on the day. They can then enjoy being involved in the design and making process.

We also have a lovely range or ready made items for last minute purchases too so pop in and see how we can help you.

Christmas at Dytham's

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