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Autumn Engagement Rings

What a beautiful time of year! Does any one else love crunching through multi coloured leaves on the school run or on the way to/from work?

I feel that the colour trends for clothes at the moment have a very autumnal colour palate. With mustard yellow, deep red and rich greens playing a big part in this season. When it comes to engagement rings these colours can be an unusual choice, so if you’re a lover of Autumn why not go for a yellow gold engagement ring with prohaps a red or green stone.

Great options for Autumnal gemstones:

Garnet – Comes in several shades, from pale yellow (grossiler Garnet) to Orange (Mandarin Garnet) to red (Indian Garnet) to more of a purply pink colour (rhodilite) and even comes in green (Tsavorite).

Garnets range from 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Garnets have fair to good toughness, making them durable enough for all jewellery styles.

Spinel – Even though being high on the Mohs scale (8) the Spinel is not such a common or known gemstone but certainly a lovely choice, the luster of a spinel is so special. With a variety of colours available the red spinel can be a lovely choice this Autumn.

Ruby – Rubies are one of the most important coloured gemstone in the market. Colour is the most significant factor affecting a ruby’s value. The finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red colour. Ruby is a 9 on the Mohs scale.

Tourmaline – Is this months (Octobers) birthstone. Tourmalines come in a wide variety of exciting colors. In fact, tourmaline has one of the widest colour ranges of any gem species, occurring in various shades of virtually every hue. Focussing on our Autumnal theme the Rubellite or Chrome tourmalines are a fabulous choice.

Emerald – A popular choice and certainly one that princess Eugine choose to Florish early in the month.

Topaz - Topaz actually has an exceptionally wide colour range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

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