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April Birthstone

April Birthstone

The Birthstone for the month of April is the Diamond. Diamonds have always been known to be the symbol for ‘eternal and everlasting love’ and this is the reason why they usually represented in an engagement ring. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and can only be cut with another diamond. They are made up of one element which is carbon, and its structure makes it fifty eight times harder than anything in nature.

Diamonds come in various colours not just colourless, others include blue, green, red and yellow. They range from a colour intensity from faint to vivid, the brighter the colour the greater increase in cost. Coloured diamonds are sought-after so sometimes the colour is treated in a laboratory, and called colour-treaded diamonds.

Diamonds have been admired for centuries and thought to be as early as 4 BC, one of the reasons being because of the process they are formed in below the earths crust.

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