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I was nervous starting my first day as a designer at Dytham Jewellery, walking in I wasn't sure what my week would entail. At first I wouldn't have considered myself a creative person however over the course of the week I think I may have changed my mind. For my first day Jemma outlined the tasks she had planned to keep me busy throughout the week. I was given three exciting projects, the first project was to design an engagement ring that combined both modern and antique styles. Firstly, I created a mood board which I used to inspire me to create sketches of different designs for the engagement ring. Three designs were chosen overall which were further developed to subsequent in a final design. Using a software known as CAD, I was able to see my ring come to life. It was a fascinating experience that I enjoyed as I gained insight of the different elements involved in creating a ring from choosing the metal, to the profile of the ring, the finish and the stone setting, size and colour.

The second project was to create a silver collection inspired by nature. I carried out the same process as the previous project however I used illustrator, another program I am new to, this allowed me to create a 2D line drawing to outline my design. My sketches there were inspired mostly by woodland creatures, plants and flowers. After developing my ideas, I came to the final decision of going with my owl designs, I focused on incorporating the design into a pendant and ring. The final task was to design alternative wedding rings to compliment four engagement rings that Jemma had provided me with.

Overall the week at Dytham Jewellery Designers was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to thank all the staff, particularly Jemma for allowing me to take part in this experience. It was very different to what I had done in the past. I have been shown things that I hadn't seen before, for instance it's not everyday that you get a chance to view a diamond through a 40x magnifying glass to see it for all its beauty, or get shown through the different aspects needed to make a single ring. It was interesting to see what it really takes to make jewellery, from an idea in rough sketches to the final product you can physically hold, it has taught me many things allowing me to view my own jewellery pieces in a different perspective. The team were very accommodating which put me at ease, and I would like this opportunity to thank everyone once again for making my time here at Dytham Jewellery designers the most enjoyable and fun experience.


A-level student at Whitley Bay High School

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