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Hallmarking your jewellery

To begin with I am going to define what a hallmark actually symbolises in the eyes of the British Law. It is a marked stamp on metals of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium given by the British assay offices which certify their standard of purity. The British assay offices are located in Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham and London, all owning their own trademark. Up to 1998 there were four compulsory marks for a hallmark, however, after 1998 the date letter then become optional, leaving the other three marks remaining compulsory.

The four symbols for a hallmark are, one describing who made the article (a maker’s mark), another guaranteeing the standard of fineness, which Assay office it was tested and marked at, and finally the year which the metal was tested and marked.

When we create a piece of bespoke jewellery the item will be hallmarked with our own mark they are the letters APD.

APD Hallmark stamp

APD stamped on Ring

Each metal has its own specific fineness along with a certain number/shape to specify exactly what the metal is. This helps anyone identify exactly what type of metal has been used to create their jewellery.

Precious Metal Fineness

Assay offices

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