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Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Over recent years we have found rose gold making a comeback and have been creating with it more often. It originally turned fashionable around the 19th century, especially in Russia. It is a striking metal that oozes a more vintage and romantic appeal. To create the ‘rosy’ effect copper is added into the mix, the more copper added, the redder the metal will be. On the same note, a higher carat will contain more pure gold so there will be less copper added, making the pigment of the metal a lighter shade. A lower carat will contain more copper, resulting in a redder metal.

What are the positives of rose gold?

There are many answers to this question, some of them being that rose gold is actually more durable than the yellow or white gold, although it isn't as strong as platinum. Secondly, it doesn't require any rhodium plating like white gold, it is also surprisingly affordable, and compliments all skin tones.

Advice when buying rose gold

As rose gold contains copper in the alloy, some people have reacted to it


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