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The Love of the Seaside

We are so lucky to be so close to the seaside. As anyone who has been to the beach all sorts is washed up on shore. We in the Northeast are very lucky to be able to find "legends of the memaids tears' also known as sea glass. We have several customers who just love the seaside, walking along taking in the fresh air and also searching for Seaglass.

What is Sea glass?

Sea glass begins as normal shards of broken glass that are then persistently tumbled and ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. In this process, the glass loses its slick surface but gains a frosted appearance over many years

Have you found a lovely peice of sea glass and not sure what to do with it? Why not visit us as we can turn your beautiful sea glass into a piece of jewellery just like we have done for Cher.

Below is a picture of Chers collection of Sea glass along with the necklace we have made for her. We twisted Sterling silver around the Sea glass to create a simple but affective pendant for her to wear. Cher has told us she gets many compliments over her pendant so we couldnt resist sharing it with you.

Sea Glass

Sea Glass Pendant

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